Friday, July 27, 2012

HAP Games, Day One

Today is Day One of a personal challenge project that I've coordinated for my favorite charity HAP. It'll be fun and will benefit HAP!

The HAP Games will last for the duration of the Summer London Games, but is in no way affiliated with those other games... after the US Olympic Committee sent an unpleasant letter to Ravelry about their Olympic-style events, I feel compelled to make. that. clear!

I'm ready!! And here are my supplies:

The rectangles at the top will be assembled into a HAP blanket and the bottom row of yarn, specifically 1,760 yards of yarn (which equals one mile) will be made into rectangles for other HAP blankets!

And it's all to thank those wounded in service to our country!
GO, HAP, GO!!!


  1. Great challenge, can't wait to see it finished ;)

  2. That will be fantastic, Virginia! I am excited for you :)

  3. You are amazing to commit to so much! Brava!!!