Sunday, September 2, 2012

HAP Games, Final Results

I'll start out by asking... what happened to August?
It seems like just last week it was July and the HAP Games were starting! Now the Games have been over for a couple of weeks so I guess it's time to post our results... at least before I turn around and it's 2013!

The grand totals for all of the work done within the 17 days are:
  • 27 assembled afghans
  • 619 rectangles made
  • plus lots of tasks done for HAP in the "Freestyle" Event
We also had an Event called the Mile of Yarn Marathon and the stats for that event alone are:
  • 560 rectangles made, with 8 participants using at least a full mile of yarn!
    (1760 yards = 1 mile)
  • In yardage, we used approximately 25,052 yards, which is 14.2 miles -- amazing!! We "ran" more than a half-marathon!!

 I assembled one blanket. First, I joined the columns.

After the columns, I joined the rows.

The finished blanket!

I also made 54 rectangles, using 2150 yds. of yarn.

Way to go, HAP Volunteers!
And thank you to everybody who gave us their support!!