Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scrappy Afghan for Baby

I love to crochet afghans.

And I love scrappy projects -- I love to combine different colors and use up the odds and ends from other projects.

Every once in a while, I get to crochet a baby afghan, and they're really fun! They're fast to make and this one is colorful:

It was made to welcome my new grand-niece.

I did buy the light pink yarn, but everything else was from my scrap stash. 

I plan to make a throw using this same pattern, also using scrap yarn. I really like the granny square in the middle -- so cute!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crocheting for HAP, my fave charity!

I crochet for various charities, but my favorite charity is HAP:
The Handmade Afghans to Thank Our Armed Forces Project. 
HAP is a 100% volunteer organization and our mission is to thank those wounded in service to our country by creating handmade afghans. Volunteers knit or crochet 6" x 9" rectangles and the rectangles are combined into sets of 49, which are then crocheted together into hospital bed-sized afghans that show the work of as many people as possible. The afghans are then sent to military hospitals in Afghanistan, Germany and all over the United States.

Last year, GAC showed a special called "Stars for Stripes" and a HAP blanket was seen "in action" at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany:

(The photo isn't very good because I took it off my low-definition tv, but I was very excited to see it and share it with the group!)

 Here's one of many blankets that I've assembled for HAP:

So far, HAP has given out 8,261 handmade afghans with more going out every week!

And here's a batch of rectangles that I just completed:

For more info and more photos, visit our website:

Please note: HAP is different from other volunteer organizations in that it limits its membership. It is at full capacity and membership is currently full. Per our director, HAP only accepts rectangles made by current members.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Knitting with a hook!

I've always wanted to knit, and I've managed to teach myself the basics but I'm a very anxious knitter -- I'm afraid of dropping stitches or having the needle fall out... plus, I'm horribly slow at knitting. After a lifetime of crocheting, a crochet hook feels natural to me while knitting needles feel foreign and clumsy. I probably need to knit exclusively for at least 3 months to build a solid base of familiarity, and maybe one day I will, but for now I decided to try the Knook.

The Knook is a specialized crochet hook that is used with a cord to hold the stitches -- the combination enables you to create actual knitted fabric. After a couple of frustrating false starts (I was trying to crochet the stitches, rather than use the Knook as a new tool!) I finally discovered some Knook videos on YouTube and figured out what I was doing wrong. I'm still slow and clumsy, but I'm faster with the Knook that I am with needles and while the cord annoys me, I like that I can easily undo stitches to fix mistakes. I even started and finished a project in one afternoon -- a simple dishcloth, but hey, it's knitted!

And it really looks like knitting:

I have to work on my tension and I need to build up speed, but I'm really excited about combining knit and crochet in the same project -- and now it seems do-able!

Friday, June 1, 2012

First Post, Yay!

I've decided to start blogging about my crocheting and other creative adventures.
I've been crocheting since childhood and like to try new techniques.
I'm looking forward to sharing my projects and experiences!